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Utkarsh is a direct disciple of Swami Vidyanand and has a wide range of expertise in the subject. In 2015, he was the first to bring Transformational Yoga®  to New Zealand. Having taught people from across the globe and worked with Corporates, Armed Forces, Schools, Celebrities and trained several Yoga & Meditation Teachers across the world, his simple and practical way of explaining and relating the practices in a modern and contemporary context will enable and empower you to make a genuine difference in your state of mind and expand your consciousness.


With several years of experience in Transformational Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation, Utkarsh has trained in the Traditional Guru shishya parampara (direct Master to Disciple teaching), having first studied for several years in the Bihar Tradition (Satyananada) before he finally met his Guru, Swami Vidyanand, under whose guidance he is exploring and sharing the science of Yoga.

Though primarily a Yoga Teacher & Therapist, he is also a painter, photographer, graphic designer, writer and a musician, whose life got transformed when he got introduced to Yoga. In 2008, he began to explore Traditional Yoga. Soon after, he quit his corporate job to fully explore yoga as a subject as well as a spiritual path and way of living.  He is now an established and experienced Yoga Master & Therapist, channelizing his energy towards exploring and sharing this beautiful ancient science with people from across globe.


Utkarsh Sanjanwala

Our Teachers

Disah Sanjanwala


  • Co-Director, SriMa New Zealand

  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher

  • Yoga for Kids Expert

  • Primary School Teacher

Disha is a beautiful soul, whose deep spirituality, loving nature and joyfulness is contagious. A School Teacher in Auckland, Disha has studied Transformational as well as Traditional Yoga. She has a background in corporate advertising and is now immersed in education and working for the Divine cause. She believes that all human beings need to connect within to be truly happy. Disha enjoys sharing this special practise, with this intention of service to others in mind.


Shirley MacLean


  • Whangarei

  • The Meditation Mat

  • Yoga & Meditation Teacher

My name is Shirley MacLean and I have spent the past 30+ years within the corporate sector but finally realising this is not the vocation for me. I’ve always been interested in the health and natural therapies area where I’ve obtained a diploma and certificates in aromatherapy, massage and holistic pulsing. I’ve enjoyed road cycling, swimming and various yoga styles for personal growth over the years but nothing that I’ve stuck with until now which is “Transformational Yoga & T.I.M.E Meditation”.


I’ve recently trained in India under Swami Vidyanand a world renowned Yoga & Meditation Master. I am so excited to be able to bring my own Masters qualifications to teach here in Whangarei.

My belief is “you cannot have Yoga without Meditation or Meditation without Yoga” which is why this complete practice of “Transformational Yoga &  T.I.M.E Meditation” will work just as amazingly for you as it has done for me.


I’ve gained flexibility, strength, peace, calmness, clarity of mind, improved

memory, better balance, enhanced communications with everyone around me, I have lost weight and gained an inner confidence which I have never had my whole life! I am now completely medication ‘free’ for the first time in many years can honestly say I’ve benefited more in this ‘ONE’ practice than I have with 30 years of trying numerous other therapies!

I welcome you all to come along and try this amazing modality for yourselves!

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