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Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo has come on earth not to bring a teaching or a creed in competition with previous creeds or teachings, but to show the way to overpass the past and to open concretely the route towards an imminent and inevitable future. - The Mother
(Volume 13, Words of the Mother, pp.1-35, 22 February 1967)

Rishi, Mystic, Sage, Visionary, Poet, Revolitonary. These are just some words put modestly to describe Sri Aurobindo. In truth, it cannot be put to words what it is that Sri Aurobindo is and what he represents. A national leader, who withdrew from his political mission - the freedom of India from the then British empire, when  he was guided by his spiritual experiences and guidance to go to Pondicherry, where he worked towards a greater mission, the Liberation of all of Mankind and the Earth itself.

Sri Aurobindo created "Integral Yoga". Unlike other Yogas, Sri Aurobindo's Yoga did not aim at the Liberation of the Individual Consciousness. This was instead, what he refered to as a necessary pre condition for His Yoga, the aim of which was to bring down instead, what he coined as "The Supramental Consciousness" into Matter on Earth. Unlike traditional Yogas where the body is often referred to as an obstacle towards realization, Sri Aurobindo's Yoga emphasises on Realization in the Body. Sri Aurobindo also revealed to the world the true meaning, light, secrets and essence of several sacred Hindu texts.

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