Transformational Yoga® & Meditation 

3 Hour Workshop

with Yoga Master Utkarsh

8th August, 2020  @ Yoga Roots NZ, Torbay - 10 am to 1 pm (SOLD OUT)
15th August, 2020 @ Yoga Collective, Parnell - 12 pm to 3 pm (SPOTS AVAILABLE)

Investment: $55 Early Bird (ends 1 Aug), $65 Full Price.
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Moving far beyond just physical exercise, Transformational Yoga functions on a deeper level, stimulating kundalini energy to move up through the chakras. In depth focus of asanas, the chakras, mantras, and breathing and meditation techniques gives you the knowledge you need to purify your body and connect with your true self.

Learn how to make the transition from the outer self to the inner self, connecting more deeply with your Higher and Conscious nature. During this workshop, Utkarsh will guide you to connect within and experience the true knowledge, wisdom, power and potential that Yoga brings.

This workshop includes:
- Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, Kundalini
- Yogic Chakras and Yogic bodies: A radical approach to the Chakras, connecting them to the 5 Koshas (5 bodies) and also understanding and experiencing the Chakras in a practical manner.
- Purification: Un-transformed bodies have a lot of toxins and these toxins have a lot of stress and imbalance in our Physical, Prana, Mental and Psychic. You will learn the theory and purification methods of the Physical Body, Prana Body, Mental Body and Psychic.

Transformational Yoga is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity. It is an innovative yogic system that synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation. Its signature system is inspired by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Transformational Yoga is an innovative and highly effective yogic system, which synthesizes techniques of Hatha, Raja, Mantra, and Kundalini Yoga to bring about rapid transformation within the mind, body and spirit. Powerful, yet gentle, everyone from the most experienced yogis to complete beginners can reap the benefits of this purifying yoga practice.

Feb 08, 2020, 12:00 PM
Yoga Collective
Learn about the Kundalini beyond Mooladhara Chakra. Understand and experience under the guidance of Utkarsh, a disciple of Swami Vidyanand - Founder of Transformational Yoga®, something that is not available in any book, resource or on the internet!
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